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NCGA Club Treasurer

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NCGA Treasurers

"Thank you for supporting your club and taking on a leadership role to ensure the success and enjoyment of your club and its members. The NCGA is here to support you as the Treasurer/Billing Contact at your club.

We want to make your role as simple as possible, that’s why we’ve enacted paperless billing, online payment, and auto-payments as options for you and your club. We also have options for online membership join/renew as well as a rolling 12-month membership.

We wish you success in your role as the Treasurer/Billing Contact. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns."

Aana Fitzgerald - Chief Finance Officer

Aana Fitzgerald | CFO

Billing Resources

Club Member Rate

New: Billing rate change effective January 2024

New, Lapsed, or Renewed Member: $46



The NCGA bills on a calendar year. All roster updates must be made by January 14 at 5 pm. The NCGA will then invoice your club accordingly. Any members added after January 14 will be included on a monthly invoice. 

All invoices are sent electronically. You have the option to pay online or mail a check.

Send payments to:
P.O. BOX 743257
LOS ANGELES CA 90074-3257

Join & Renew

The NCGA provides options for your club to collect membership payments online, eliminating the time it takes you to collect cash/checks, go to the bank, etc. The best part? When members pay online, they are automatically activated- and if they miss their renewal payment, their membership will automatically lapse. 

Learn how to set up online payment for your club in memberplanet.

Rolling 12-Month Membership

Just like Amazon, Netflix, and other subscription services, the NCGA also offers a rolling 12-month membership option. This means that when a member join's your club in July, they receive a full 12-months of membership, rather than having to pay their dues again in January. 

Not only is this beneficial to the member, but it's a great way to increase club membership throughout the year.

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