Welcome NCGA Billing Contacts! 

"Thank you for supporting your club and taking on a leadership role to ensure the success and enjoyment of your club and its members. The NCGA is here to support you as the Treasurer/Billing Contact at your club.

We want to make your role as simple as possible, that’s why we’ve enacted paperless billing, online payment, and auto-payments as options for you and your club. We also have options for online membership join/renew as well as a rolling 12-month membership.

We wish you success in your role as the Treasurer/Billing Contact. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Aana Circle

Aana Fitzgerald
Chief Finance Officer, NCGA


Dues and Fees

Club Dues (billed in December of each year or when club is started)
Regular Clubs: $10/hole
Associate Clubs: $75/year
Computer Lease (optional): $100/year

Member Dues
Renewing Adult: $39
New or Lapsed Adult: $49 ($39 dues + $10 initiation fee)
Junior: $18
Youth on Course Junior: $5


The NCGA bills on a calendar year. All roster updates must be made by January 14 at 5 pm. The NCGA will then invoice your club accordingly. Any members added after January 14 will be included on a monthly invoice. 

All invoices are sent electronically. For information on how to update your billing contact in memberplanet please click here. You have the option to pay online or mail a check.

Send payments to:
P.O. BOX 743257
LOS ANGELES CA 90074-3257

Online Join/Renew

The NCGA provides options for your club to collect membership payments online, eliminating the time it takes you to collect cash/checks, go to the bank, etc. The best part? When members pay online, they are automatically activated -- and if they miss their renewal payment, their membership will automatically lapse. 

Learn how to set up online payment for your club in the NCGA Member Management Solution/memberplanet here

Rolling 12-Month Membership

Just like Amazon, Netflix, and other subscription services, the NCGA also offers a rolling 12-month membership option. This means that when a member join's your club in July, they receive a full 12-months of membership, rather than having to pay their dues again in January. 

Not only is this beneficial to the member, but it's a great way to increase club membership throughout the year. 

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