Welcome NCGA Club Presidents! 

"Thank you for supporting your club and taking on the role of Club President to ensure the success and enjoyment of your club and its members. At the NCGA it is our mission to support and promote the game of golf in Northern California. And beyond than that, we want to help every member enjoy golf more

To support the game of golf, we administer course ratings, maintain our members’ USGA Handicap Indexes and teach the Rules of Golf.

To promote the game of golf, we continually enhance our programs to better meet our members’ needs.

To help our members enjoy golf even more, we offer exclusive discounts for golf rounds, apparel, equipment, travel and more.

Through our dedicated staff and volunteer corps, we deliver outstanding tournaments and events for players of all ages and abilities —championships, single day events and social golf.

NCGA has long been an innovation leader among golf associations by expanding what we do to grow the game of golf. Serving as a Club President is a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity. We're so glad to have you join our NCGA community."

Joe Circle

Joe Huston
Chief Executive Officer, NCGA


Club Officer Roles

As Club President, you need to know the ins and outs of your other Club Officers' responsibilities. We've listed them below so you can get a feel for each role:

Member Club Services Page

Our Member Club Services Page provides a comprehensive outline of all of the benefits and services available to your club. This is a great resource for you, as well as your other Club Officers, to visit and find key links as well as any updated information. 

Benefits That Add Up!

As Club President, you will be seen by your members as the point-person for all things NCGA. Are you aware of all of the benefits and services available to your members? Visit our Member Benefits page to see our list of benefits - you may find a few you didn't know we provided!