Welcome NCGA Handicap Chairs! 

Congratulations and/or condolences on your appointment as Handicap Chair . . . one of the most important, yet least appreciated officials within any club.

The NCGA has amassed all sorts of resources for your use and stands ready to assist you in all your handicapping pursuits.

The Rules of Handicapping is a must for every Handicap Chair and you'll want to bookmark both the NCGA Handicapping Resource Page as well as the USGA resource page. Lastly, check out our helpful World Handicap System (WHS) Hub

It is important to understand that the WHS carries a mandatory educational requirement. That is, each club must have a representative, ideally you, complete approved online education (and pass a quiz) before your club can issue "official" handicaps. Here is a link to an online USGA seminar that satisfies the requirement (four relatively short videos and a quiz). 

Good luck with your handicapping activities!"

Jim Circle

Jim Cowan
Director of Handicapping


World Handicap System Certification

Before you or your members can receive your handicap indexes, you'll need to complete the WHS Certification. The online offering consists of four short videos (15-22 minutes each) and concludes with a quiz that a user must score at least an 80% on in order to secure credit for their club.

Begin Certification
Rules of Handicapping

USGA Admin Portal

Manage your member’s handicap indexes, post, edit and delete scores for members, run handicapping reports and more in the new USGA Admin Portal. 

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