Welcome NCGA Tournament Chairs! 

"Thank you for supporting your club and taking on a leadership role to ensure the success and enjoyment of your club’s events. The NCGA is here to support you as the Tournament Chair at your club. The success of your events will be direct correlation of your preparation and your ability to adhere to the guidance through the Rules of Golf. If there is anything we can do to ensure the success of your events and make your job easier, please feel free to reach out to us.

As the Tournament Chair, you should have access to the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping, These publications will guide you along the way from setting the terms of the competition to breaking ties. It is highly recommended to have a committee to support your efforts and may include the clubs Handicap and Rules Chair. The more people you have assisting, the more fun can be shared in the understanding and enjoyment of this great game.

Good luck and we wish you success in your role as the Tournament Chair."

Ryno Circle

Ryan Gregg
Chief Operating Officer, NCGA


Tournaments and Events

The NCGA hosts 500+ tournament and event days each year. In addition to individual championships, we also host Club Events, Team Match, and Scratch League, where your club's best players compete against members from other clubs throughout the region. View our Full Tournament Calendar to see all the ways your members can represent your club this season.

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Rules of Golf

Our NCGA staff members can help answer those tricky questions on the Rules of Golf – whether you’re on the course or want some clarification later, we’re here to help! Additionally, the NCGA provides resources to help you to learn the Rules yourself, including our Rules Resource Page, NCGA Rules of Golf Seminars and our Online Rules School.

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